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Insight P6i

by Wisdom Audio
In-Wall / In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

The Insight Series P6i audibly presents itself in a room with the convincing dominance normally associated with much larger speakers. Employing the MTM planar magnetic drivers for the bulk of it's output, it is incredibly accurate & dynamic, plus doesn't suffer from the sonic compression that curses many traditional loudspeaker designs. The Insight P6i produces stunning, detailed dynamic music/movies reproduction that contradicts it's slender profile & compact design.

It uses 6 powerful 3”x5” woofers for low distortion, high-resolution sound & an outstanding dynamic range. The result is superb, consistent horizontal dispersion throughout it's operating range, providing splendid off-axis coverage in both in-wall & in-ceiling applications.

Speaker Attributes:
* In-Wall/Ceiling
* One MTM Planar Magnetic Driver
* Six High Power Woofers
* Highly Detailed & Dynamic
* Covers 5 Octaves of Clarity
* Light Weight Film PEEK