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Leif Series - Purple Flare Speaker Cable

by Nordost
Speaker Cable

Nordost's original Flatline speaker cable launched the audio world to an entirely new level of execution & a distinctive production technique. Our exclusive extruded FEP cables, with their thin, flat profile design doesn't just look distinct. They have an illusive simplicity that is a uniquely graceful answer to the conflicting requirements for low resistance, capacitance & inductance. Which restricts the performance of more conventional wire designs. Now, by re-examining the geometry of each cable, we have decreased the dielectric results even further as well as optimized the physical spacing of the conductors. This results in noteworthy musical gains, allowing Purple Flare Speaker Cables to demonstrate a completely new performance criteriion at this price point level, while delivering greater power & musical purpose from your gear than you would have thought possible.

Cable Features:
* Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
* Mechanically tuned spacing
* 14 x 26 AWG
* Silver-plated 99.9999% solid core OFC

Custom Built, Many Lengths Available, Multiple Terminations:
* Banana
* Spade