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SR1a w/ Ribbon Amp Interface, Cables, Case

by Raal requisite
Over Ear Headphones

True Ribbon™ SR1a.
The world's first Earfield™ headphone monitor.
The SR1a by RAAL-requisite is the world's first Earfield™ headphone monitor. Experience mixing, mastering, and home listening with an unparalleled accuracy and realism in a soundfield devoid of room acoustics and comb-filtering caused by work surface reflections. Earfield™ technology delivers unheard of program accuracy and a speaker-like soundfield experience.

Ribbons for a reason.
The SR1a is the world’s first True-Ribbon™ headphone. Featuring highly specialized ribbon drivers were developed that reproduce 30Hz to 30kHz bandwidth in order to eliminate the need for a sealed chambered bass and allow for open air baffles (both front and back) for a truly full-frequency soundfield.

SR1a Freedom.
Professional engineers report that SR1a Earfield Monitors™ reveal more detail and accuracy than even their finest traditional studio monitors or headphones. Helping to achieve high-quality, transferable mix results in non-traditional environments. The accuracy, musicality and portability of the SR1a frees the engineer to work whenever, and wherever they choose.

* SR1a Headphone
* Ribbon Amp Interface
* Cables
* Travel Case