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AAW x Pola

by Shozy
In-Ear Headphone

Shozy x AAW Collaboration Series:

The 1st thing that comes to our mind when the latest Sonion ES-driver consisting of fancy micro step-up transformers were sent to us in early 2018?
It is not about attaining higher specs, but rather what we can do to utilize the design for a higher level of realized entertainment & a more absorbing experience in listening!

POLA - the end result after a year worth of product research, houses a large & fast 13mm Graphene (carbon allotrope) dynamic driver. It drives a lot of air and is implemented to pair with the latest ES driver ,quite alike traditional speakers that have a super tweeter.

Now you can hear very deep & layered bass, delightful & full-bodied vocals, & even fine details in the ambiance thanks to the new tweeter innovation, plus synergy of the design.

Specifications Include:
* DUAL crossover, vented design for optimized dynamic driver achievement
* 10Hz-100000Hz mega wide band performance
* <0.5% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
* 12 Ohm low impedance
* Dual bore design

Custom Mold Options Are Available To Order:

It will be offered with customization choices for non-universal designs. Please check with your regional distributor to arrange collecting your ear impressions/molds & to choose the design you would like that is available in the charts.