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Ascent Series - Hero

by Kimber Kable
Unbalanced Audio Cable

Made up of 4-19awg conductors insulated with virgin FEP dielectric. The HERO's four wire quadratic braid furnishes wide bandwidth & noise reduction without the use of shielding. The 4-wire braided geometry also produces exemplary results when used in a balanced wired system with XLR connections for additional immunity to noise & signal degradation. A balance between low capacitance & low to moderate series induction make it an ideal solution for low-level signals (interconnects).

Features Include:
* Single & dual layer low loss fluorocarbon dielectric
* Four wire braid
* VariStrand copper conductors
* Nitrogen assisted hand soldered termination

Custom Built, Many Lengths Available, Multiple Terminations:
* Ultraplate Black (RCA)
* WBT 0114 CU (RCA)
* WBT 0102 CU (RCA)