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Summit Series - Monocle-XL

by Kimber Kable
Speaker Cable

24 wire braid of TC & VS conductors wrapped around our X38R stabilizing core. The best of both TC & VS characteristics, but with a lower noise floor. XL versions are ideal for longer lengths or more difficult loads. Expanded braid geometry offers better mechanical & electrical damping as well as extends dynamic range on both ends of the spectrum. It will give you a huge soundstage experience, plus a more precise imaging. All the instruments get a little more elbow room when you move to the Summit series speaker cables.

Features Include:
* Low loss fluorocarbon dielectric
* Polyethylene dielectric
* 24 wire counter opposed helix
* VariStrand copper conductors

Custom Built, Many Lengths Available, Multiple Terminations:
* WBT 0681 CU (5/16")
* WBT 0661 CU (1/4")
* WBT 0610 CU