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Two Channel Audio

Two Channel Audio > DAC / Streamer


by Sony ES
2-Channel DAC / Streamer

Because You Care About Music.

Hear your music as it was intended by the artist. With 1TB of HDD drive space, support for DSD playback, plus the full range of hi-res file formats, in-addition built-in Wi-Fi, transferring audio files from your PC has never been easier.

Hi-Res Music File Playback

Practically every high resolution file format has met it's match. Whatever the acronym (from PCM to DSD & beyond) the Sony HAP-Z1ES is prepared to play it flawlessly.

Natural Sound DSEE

The Sony Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) lets you listen to music the way it was suppposed to be. The HF range & tail shape of the waveform that are often eliminated through the compression process are restored for natural, spacious sound that’s as close to the original source as possible.