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SP1000M Case (Navy)

by Astell&Kern

Navy Blue / Navy leather case is made of Tuscany Belly leather, manufactured and supplied by the world-famous Walpier Tannery of Italy.
The Tuscany Belly leather by Walpier Tannery, the same family brand of Buttero, provides an excellent color with a perfect surface finish, rendering its vegetable-tanned leather extremely durable scratch-resistant.
The surface of the leather is dyed one at a time by leather craftsmen and also has a natural two-tone effect that adds to the sensation of depth in the leather.
Established in 1973 in San Miniato, Tuscany, Walpier Tannery is in business for three generations and has a long tradition of manufacturing leather products based on a vegetable tanning process.
The tannery handles 100% cow-haired leather imported from France and is a subsidiary of Vera Pelle, the Italian Association of Vegetable Leather Tanners.
The traditional vegetable tanning technology of Tuscany Belly has been handed down from father to son in the Tuscany region for centuries.
The tanning process requires 40 days by putting raw leather in a drum with natural tanning extracted from a variety of trees.
This is a method of processing only used by the world's Italian tanners.
In Leather products
Tempesti, which established VERA PELLE, the association of Italian vegetable tanning, has been producing natural leather for four generations since 1945. Leather has been produced in Tuscany since the Etruscans settled in the area in the 8th century B.C., and for the past 3,000 years Tempesti has honored that tradition by produce the best leather in vivid colors.
Rawhide is carefully chosen from farms that comply with strict animal and environmental regulation standards implemented by Northern European countries such as France, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium, that are the world's top rawhide markets.