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KANN (Astro Silver)

by Astell&Kern
Digital Audio Player

Astell&Kern's KANN provides a new power standard for mobile music performance. Combining a high-quality audio player & a high-performance amplifier, the KANN draws on the technological expertise of A&K, the leading Portable Hi-Fi Audio manufacturer.

Astell&Kern has introduced a new product design that cleverly incorporates a very high-performance amplifier into a player for a perfect merger of 2 independent devices. Supporting an output of 7 Vrms when connected via high-gain balanced output, the KANN not only drives high-impedance headphones without an additional
amplifier, but also reliably reproduces a high-quality sound with low-impedance speakers.

KANN is the first Astell&Kern product to be equipped with a line-out circuit designed to set the output values in four different levels, depending on the user's listening taste. This feature is a significant step up from previous products which did not provide output/volume control. With a selectable output function, you can tune your sound signature to suit a home audio system, car audio or any other listening environment.

It offers the optimal condition to deliver perfect original sound
and is capable of bit-to-bit playback up to 32bit / 384kHz, plus native DSD playback up to 11.2MHz. This will deliver detailed, distortion-free sound just as the artist intended.

Dual memory card slots:
It has an internal memory of 64GB, but this can be easily & flexibly boosted via the unit's dual memory card slots. KANN supports both standard SD cards & micro SD cards, so users can select their favored memory type. The memory is expandable up to 768 GB to easily handle larger audio files.

$999.00   $699.00