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by Astell&Kern
Digital Audio Player

The KANN CUBE is the 2nd model from the KANN lineup, which focuses on high fidelity with a powerful output & low noise. This player is designed to offer a very low noise floor, even with it's mammoth power output levels.

* High performance, low-noise amp makes it an Absolute Audio Powerhouse
* Dual ES9038PRO DACs, the current flagship SABRE DAC chips from ESS which are designed for Pro Audio Equipment
* 5-pin Mini XLR output for even less noise levels
* 32bit / 384kHz and native DSD256 support

An Absolute Audio Powerhouse:
It offers 3 different power output options of High / Mid / Low, which can drive any headphone with unprecedented power never seen before in portable devices (12Vrms for Balanced output, plus 6Vrms for Unbalanced output. To provide a natural & unbiased audio experience with minimal distortion, a newly designed OP Amp & Volume IC manages power optimally and systematically.