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GS-X mk2 Balanced Headphone Amplifier (Purple)

by HeadAmp
HeadPhone Amplifier

For vibrant and planar magnetic headphones, the GS-X Mk2 is the flagship amplifier for HeadAmp. The GS-X Mk2 is the most powerful, linear, and transparent amplifier that we have ever made with a circuit that has evolved and matured over a 15-year period. The GS-X Mk2 can tame the toughest headphone loads on the market by pushing up to 6W of Class-A power into balanced headphones, while its low-noise circuitry delivers equally wonderful performance with sensitive in-ear monitors.
Furthermore, for your stereo speaker system, the GS-X Mk2 makes an excellent preamp. With its high impedance input, low impedance in output, numerous I / O options, 3-way gain component
The GS-X Mk2 is a carefully crafted piece of audio equipment with closely correlated parts and the maximum construction quality standards in the industry. In order to ensure the best possible performance, every GS-X Mk2 is extensively tested throughout the building phase as well as before and after an intense burn-in process. By adding up to 6W of Class-A current on balanced headphones, the GS-X Mk2 can tame the toughest headphone loads on the market while maintaining its low noise shelf.