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GS-X mini Balanced Headphone Amplifier (Green)

by HeadAmp
HeadPhone Amplifier

Built with such a distinct variation on our well-reviewed GS-X mk2 audio class-A audio circuit, the new GS-X mini is the first HeadAmp product to deliver balanced, single-ended or balanced headphones from all audio sources. This means that when you use a single-ended source, no more compromising your headphone experience, your high-end headphones will always benefit from balancing velocity and power.A desktop-friendly one-box configuration allows the GS-X mini fit easily into your home or office, and HeadAmp's steadfast reputation for quality, leisure, and finish makes it a piece made to look stunning through its long service life. The unique colored front panels known as Blue Hawaii SE and GS-X mk2 are also components of the GS-X mini, allowing you to use your custom flourish.