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Two Channel Audio

Two Channel Audio > CD Transport / DAC

CD6 SE (Black)

by Audio Research
2-Channel CD Player / DAC

The compact disc format is more than 35 years old, with millions of titles. Simultaneously, digital downloads & computer music storage has skyrocketed in popularity. Combining a super high-resolution compact disc player, plus a D-to-A converter in one compact chassis, the CD6SE is a perfect fit for modern music playback. It is positioned to make the most out of any digital format with spectacular results.

The CD6SE offers disc playback via the Philips Pro2 transport (still considered the industry standard), plus 4 digital inputs (USB, coaxial RCA, Toslink, & AES/EBU). All inputs handle 24bit/192kHz resolution.

Benefitting from what Audio Research has learned in the development of the Reference DAC and CD9, the CD6SE utilizes quad 24-bit DAC's running in mono mode, with dual master oscillators for the highest performance; one for 44.1/88.2/176.4 sample rates, the other for 48/96/192kHz sample rates. The sample rate conversion is adjustable for all inputs, allowing playback in native resolution. It has the ability to up-sample the compact disc & all inputs, including USB. Additionally, there is an adjustable digital filter, with either fast or slow roll-off. In addition to the digital inputs, the back panel includes two digital outputs (AES/EBU and BNC), and the RCA / XLR outputs.