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Debut RecordMaster HiRes (WALNUT)

by Pro-ject
Audiophile Turntable for Hi Res Recording in DSD or PCM

Debut Carbon RecordMaster Hi Res: Digitally captures analog vinyl in its purest form!
The Debut Carbon is the best selling audiophile turntable worldwide. Add in the two most popular upgrades, electronic speed change & an acrylic platter for convenience / performance. Then combined with an onboard phono pre-amp & a high-end A to D converter; voila! A new reference standard for archiving vinyl. Optimize the S-to-N ratio with the record level potentiometer and you can decide what format, sample rate and bit depth via the included Vinyl Studio Lite software. Choose from AIFF, DFF,DSF, FLAC,MP3, OGG or WAV. If you're going to create digital files from your vinyl collection, do it right! The Debut Carbon RecordMaster Hi Res is the state of the art.