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Two Channel Audio

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by Marantz
2-Channel Solid State Amplifier

If you’re impressed by elegantly restrained industrial design, the MM7025 is guaranteed to make a lasting & very positive impression. The subtle curved aluminum/glass resin front panel adds a sophisticated touch that complements any decor. The central porthole display reflects iconic designs from the past, while it brings you an “at a glace” view of the amplifier’s operating status.

Both single-ended RCA & balanced XLR inputs assure system compatibility, regardless of your preamplifier or processor. For maximum flexibility, you can choose inputs independently for each channel.

The high capacity power supply begins with an oversized EI-core transformer feeding carefully chosen capacitors capable of storing 30,000 µF of energy. This combination instantaneously delivers peak power to all amplifier stages for distortion-free reproduction of the most complex sources.