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Two Channel Audio

Two Channel Audio > Integrated Amplifier


by Denon
2-Channel Integrated Amplifier

~2 x 70w Output, enough power to fill large rooms with music.
~Advanced Ultra High Current (UHC)-MOS Single-push-pull circuit power.
~USB DAC, Supporting 11.2MHz DSD & 384kHz / 32bit PC.
~MM and MC Phono Equalizer / Optical and Coaxial Digital Inputs.
~Digital Isolator & Analog Mode.
~Direct Mechanical Ground Construction minimizes unwanted vibration.
~6-Blk. Chassis Configuration & Direct Mechanical Ground Construction.
~High-Grade Audio Components.
~DAC Master Clock design provides jitter-free audio reproduction.
~FL display for source and sample rate .
~100+ Years of Firsts in Audio Technology.