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ISP.16 Analog MK2

by Storm Audio
A/V Preamplifier


Refined evolution of the award-winning ISP product range, the Storm Audio ISP MK2 generation of high-performance surround sound preamplifier processors brings the ultimate feature package required by the most demanding installation experts & home theater enthusiasts.

With up to 24 channels of decoding & upmixing of the most sought after immersive surround formats, such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, Auro-3D & IMAX Enhanced. There is also up to 32 channels of post-processing including the latest Dirac Live Bass Control module for multiple subwoofers & the state of art Storm Audio Expert Bass Management with its multiple bass zones definition & selective bass routing. The ISP MK2 will provide the best sound performance in any theatre without the installer needing to be an expert in room acoustics.

Based on Storm Audio’s proprietary modular platform, ISP MK2 has maintained its reputation for modularity / flexibility with multiple hardware & software options available. Whether you need more channels of analog XLR outputs or digital AES/EBU (up to 32ch) or you need to interface with audio over IP AES67 networked devices, you will always find the right optional module to satisfy your needs.

Not only offering a more simple & yet elegant design, the ISP MK2 also brings sonic refinement with a new proprietary analog/digital hybrid volume adjustment maximizing the dynamic range for a more accurate, detailed & dynamic reproduction of your movie sound track or your music playlists thanks to the ROON Ready integration.

All of this comes with the acclaimed user-friendly web-based interface that allows for a full configuration in only a few steps. The Storm Remote iPad control application as well as the required control system drivers facilitate the ISP MK2 integration in any advanced theater design.