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Ayazi mk2 DAC

by IDEON Audio
2-Channel DAC

The Affordable Reference DAC

The Ayazi mk2 DAC is engineered & fine-tuned specifically to reveal the musical magic encoded in the numbers, that are stored within the digital medium. Sound reproduction with exceptionally broad dynamic range, ultra-low distortion & low noise, accurate sound stage, plus musical congruity.

We tested the circuit in many different high-end systems & set-ups as it is intended to be the jack of all trades for digital-to-analogue conversion, to be used anytime, anywhere…

A High-Performance DAC, For All People.

No frills construction: solid & functional, the Ayazi as one reviewer put it, “probably sets the sonic performance benchmark for DACs costing double or more its asking price”, encompassing what we started out to do: to offer the experience of the musical event, a sound you wont believe for its price. With the Ayazi, style follows function and budget. The result: when it comes to DACs the Ayazi is the affordable reference!