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Tributaries Cable - UHDP Pro 18G HDMI


The UHDP PRO is Tributaries professional level UHD HDMI cable. Designed to provide steady 18Gbps performance, the PRO has two different constructions. The shorter lengths are constructed with a smaller gauge that yields a more malleable cable while the longer lengths have the need of larger gauge conductors to support the 18Gbps signal over the distance. Both constructions are hybrid in nature; consisting of a base conductor size, plus a larger conductor, to support the more demanding part of the HDMI signal. Each conductor gauge was measured & chosen for its specific job & performance requirement. But being cautious not to overbuild which would only result in large in-flexible cables. UHDP cables from ½ meter to three meter have an stylish woven jacket, while the four meter & five meter cables have a rugged UL rated jacket for installation in the wall. All UHDP cables have patented power-grip connectors to ensure the connector stays put in your electronics & are copper shielded to prevent noise from contaminating the signal. Tributaries UHDP PRO HDMI cables provide accurate 4K 18Gbps digital transmission with Deep Color & High Dynamic Range (HDR).

The UHDP PRO Series Passive HDMI cable is available in lengths from 1/2 meter – 5 meter.

They are ISF & DPL Labs Certified.